Lairds of Troon are designers and installers of the very best home cinema systems.

Think of structured wiring as the nervous system of the modern house. Its called Residential Cabling, each room is prewired with a cable harness that runs into centrally-located smart panels.

These panels are the system’s brains. Into them you can plug just about anything, including telephone, Internet, sound, video, computer networking, intercom and security. Home Automation is all about Convenience, Safety, Security, Energy Saving and Fun.

Here is what a Home automation system can do for you and your family.

Home Cinemas

The key to cinema is the suspension of disbelief! Achieving full immersion of Sight and Sound we create the environment that you forget you are in. We use all the technology in the room, lighting, acoustics, room interior design, seating, and lighting to enhance the experience.

Lairds of Troon are Scotland’sleading home cinema designers and home cinema installation specialists. We design and install high performance cinema systems, home cinema speakers and home music systems. We are expert home cinema installers with a passion for perfect systems that you can use every day.

If you want to enjoy Film, TV, Music, and Sport at its best, you’ll find our professional cinema and music systems are without equal.Lairds of Troon can, working with your own interior design team coordinate all design, construction, and installation of your venue.


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