Home automation isn’t just the new trend in the market and it’s not only seen as a very desirable product by users it’s now the required standard for new build homes in the 21 st century.

Industry trends indicate that the home automation system market will be worth 79.57 billion US Dollars by 2022.

Every day the home automation industry is being propelled further forward by the big players in the technology world. Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and more have all embraced the industry as a core part of their business models. As a business or individual in the property

development market can you afford not to invest in preparing your properties for the future.


With the expertise we have in the industry, we can help you increase the value of your property.

Lairds of Troon have been in the home automation, technology, and communication industry for 25 years, during this time, we have stream lined our process on site to maximize efficiency and reduce time; and most importantly do our work on site with minimal inconvenience to your


We understand the building trade and how busy you can be, so to make your life easier, we offer our clients a long-term maintenance of the automation system on their site.

The project quotes are carefully designed based on your requirements and the payment structure is also discussed before the work starts. The payment is usually spread over the various stages of the completion of work and the final payment is done only when you are happy with the work.

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