This project is a great example of every installers ideal job combined with every installers worst nightmare.

To be contracted to work on a project of this size with 2 weeks to get the design and quote passed to the client for signing off and get the cabling complete in order to stay ahead of the other tradesmen involved all the while the client is living between two rooms and the kitchen.
The client had moved from their other property that was a fully equiped smart home and expected nothing less on this project.

Every room was expected to have entertainment and services with the simplest control possible.

This client was the epitomy of a technnophobe, as well as having the busy schedule of the wealthy socialite.

Very much the challenge that we were willing and able to accept as we had the capability and skill to deliver on time within budget and also exceed the clients expectations.

We started off with designing the infrastructure as if the client would have every room fully equiped. Having this level of cabling would allow them to upgrade the system at any time in the future with the ultimate flexibility.

Video and audio distribution to every room, taking into consideration the decor, room characteristics and purpose. The minimalist requirement for technology with maximum operability and impact was required.

Initially, no corners to be excluded, however, as the project progressed and with the clients ‘particular’ expectations, essential requirements of the project design evolved over the weeks, things added, subtracted, negotiated, all the while getting the infrastructure in place whilst making sure the other trades managed to complete their tasks without disruption.

The first systems online in this property were the ones that the client would expect to use on a daily basis as they were effectively living in a building site.


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